Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Syed Ammar Bukhari
Mediflow is committed to invest in new technologies to manufacture high value quality LVP (Large Volume Parental) and SVP (Small Volume parental) products for the health sector. It is the vision of the organisation to be an inspiring leader and a contributor towards a healthy Pakistan. This vision will be met by investing in new technologies for high quality products and by providing un-paralleled all-round quality products and services to the consumer, which consistently exceeds the quality expectations of the health industry and its customers.

Our people are our greatest resource, and to nurture this resource we have commitment to continuously train and develop individuals of the awareness of quality and knowledge of technology. Involving our employees and associates in an effort to continually improve the value of the Parental products and processes, in order to achieve synergy to the international standards pertaining at the relative time. This allows them to explore new horizons and set new quality standards in their relative sectors. Thus enabling our workforce to build stronger partnership and achieve new spheres of a healthier Pakistan. We are committed to continually keep on improving the effectiveness of our Quality processes by envisaging effective and efficient International standards in the Pharmaceutical sector. While also strictly adhere to EU GMP guidelines.

Corporate objectives will be routinely reviewed, to ensure standards that reflect the evolving needs of patients and hospitals.

Our group will endeavour and wish to make a healthier Pakistan. We welcome your queries and invite to share our goal to build a healthier Pakistan.

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