Innovative Features

Innovative Features

  • FDA approved medical grade polypropylene materials used.
  • High temperature sterilization.
  • Crystal clear bottles.
  • Euro cap compatible.
  • Unique peel off safety Euro cap.
  • Strong Polypropylene hanger.
  • International color coding of labels.
  • Auto Collapsible bottles.
  • Pyrogen-Free Intravenous Therapy.

Safety Features

  • All Mediflow products go through 100% Auto Particle Inspection unit.
  • High temperature sterilization for a Pyrogen free Intravenous therapy.
  • Our Infusion bottles are smooth on surface with absence of microspores, making them an ideal form of IV therapy.
  • International color coding labeling ensures end user compliance and patient’s safety.
  • Strong Polypropylene hanger to guarantee proper hanging of bottle with rotation convenience.
  • Convenient upward placement of label and scale to safeguard hazard free Intravenous therapy.
  • Each and every bottle is designed to be auto collapsible for a smooth flow of infusion preventing the unhygienic practice of bottle pricking.
  • Superior safety profile that reduces the opportunities for nosocomial infection.
  • Euro-Cap medical grade rubber disk with specific spike insertion point for leakage free bottles.

Benefits of Euro-Cap

  • Leak proof.
  • Multiple spike ports.
  • Pilfer proof, peel-off safety feature.