Quality Operations

Quality Statement

We are committed to provide best quality Pharmaceuticals Products which are safe, effective and compliant with national and international quality standards. Our Quality Management System QMS ensures continual improvement and customer satisfaction through a purposeful system based on risk mitigation methods.

Quality Assurance

Mediflow manufactures top quality I.V infusion range which have met the rigorous standards of quality assurance and compliance. Our facility has the professional expertise, pharmaceutical grade control systems and QMS. It is operated by qualified, standard compliant and responsible staff.

The QA department monitors the manufacturing process at every step of each product by monitoring the in-process parameters and practices. It ascertains that the standards of QMS, cGMP, Calibration Validation and Qualifications protocols are implemented. Our Quality assurance also performs Annual Product statistical data Review. QA ensures that every product is made according to the SOPs and each step is recorded for traceability to ensure faith in the practice of Quality Compliance and Assurance. At Mediflow we believe to serve the nation with high quality and safe LVPs.

Quality Control

We maintain highest Quality Control standards with latest digital equipment and testing devices like HPLC, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Liquid Particle Analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, TOC, Potentiometer, and Automatic Digital Polari-meter, Karl Fischer, FTIR, Air Particle Counter, Incubators and Stability Climatic Chambers.

Quality Control Laboratory performs Physical, Chemical & Microbiological testing by using precision equipment for implementation of GLP. We have currently upgraded our lab apparatus and instruments to comply with CRF 21. At Mediflow we aim to follow the current and latest GLP to ensure compliance with the highest quality of pharmaceutical manufacturing.